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My name is Vlad (mcrdy455 @discord) a.k.a. "the kongstats guy".
As of November 24th, 2023 I've introduced the rookies section, which would save you a lot of time comparing rookies and prices. (at least until the rookie stats are also uploaded to Opensea) However this is just the tip of the iceberg of features that I can introduce. I've been asked multiple times if I'd new features, but I was really busy with other stuff.. Lately I had more free time so I started coding on old project and kongstats.com was one of them. One of the requests I had was to list all the things I believe could be added as features, so here is the list for you!

  • Sneakers & Clubs - The RKL universe is made of multiple NFT collections, each is unique but still have multiple things in common. Introducing filters similar to the Rookies and Kongs wouldn't be useful as both Sneakers and Clubs have little to no unique traits. However there is a lot of going behind the scenes and many options are available, some of those are: 1/ Floor, Volume, Whale and other alerts; 2/ Holder stats - in depth analysis of total/average stats, fudders, gold fingers, whales, etc.. 3/ Multi-collection comparisons 4/ almost everything else you can think of and suggest
  • Kongstats.com Redesign - I'm a tech guy not a designer and the UI of kongstats can clearly reveal that. I've discussed that issue with some community members multiple times and I believe we can find a designer to draw everything up so I can transform it into code. If thats something you'd like to see leave your vote!
  • Holders Analytics - How well do you know the community? You probably are aware that on the blockchain everything is visible, but to actually track wallets you need a software to do multiple scans and calculations. Multiple traders are using multiple wallets for security and privacy reasons but most of the time those wallets can be connected. As part of a failed startup me and my team built a set of tools such as linked wallet detector, collection holders analyzer (based on all collections traded) and multiple historical graphs to help identify valuable collections and take informed decisions. As a CTO I still have the code and database at my disposal and could work on introducing some of the features into RKL specifically targeting the RKL contracts
  • Your best ideas - What good is a feature if it's not useful, as a developer I believe that most useful features are the ones suggested by actual users. Feel free to ping me in the RKL discord server (kongstats.eth @ ꧁kongstats.com꧂) or to DM me (mcrdy455) and give your suggestion and I'll include it in this list for everyone to vote it soon.


This list will keep growing or added features will be removed from it, so feel free to suggest anything and everything,
Soon I'll make a poll for everyone to cast their votes for the most desired features!!

If you wish to see features implemented sooner, feel free to support me
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